T&B Helped me realize
my dream of attending a top college
in the U.S.A



D. Kang, Yale University

Class of 2014

T&B has a way with getting really good scores. They are never satisfied with one or two wrong: they demand perfection. And what's amazing is that they make you believe you can do it and they make it fun. Although it is through 'Super Scoring' on two different dates, I did achieve 800 on Writing, Critical Reading and Math. My original goal was 2100.

SWJ, Columbia University

Class of 2014

It seems that I’ve met life long mentors at T&B. Joe and Sang really helped me ease the stress and see the bigger picture. Not only did T&B help me gain, but they also helped me determine my academic and career goals. I went to T&B to get into NYU, but they pushed me to aim higher and helped me get into Columbia Early Decision.

W. Kim, California Institute of Technology

Class of 2015

Thanks for helping me improve my scores. You taught me so much and I never thought I would be able to bring my scores up by so much. I’m now recommending you to all my friends. Thanks again; it’s all been a lot of fun.

RC, Harvard University

Class of 2014

T&B helped me realize my dream of attending a top college in the U.S. It was with the help of T&B team that I was able to present myself as a competitive candidate to the top universities in the cutthroat process of college admissions. Since Joe and Sang went to Yale themselves, they knew exactly how to prepare for top university admissions. I strongly recommend T&B. Joe, you are the best!

WL Father of JT Upenn

Class of 2017

T&B’s service successfully helped my son to get into his dream school and some of the most competitive colleges in both US and UK. My son encountered great difficulties in tackling the college application process, but T&B offered excellent coaching. During the college application, they studied thoroughly the strengths and weaknesses of my son. I would recommend T&B to college bound students to join their SAT programs and to coach the college search process.  You will never regret, and I am just more than satisfied with their valuable commitment and support to my son all along.



My son was finally accepted early in UPenn, UMich, Babson College and Cambridge University (conditional). That is, he was admitted to all schools he applied to in the early round.  Thank you so much, Joe and Sang!


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