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T&B Statistics


Total number of real SAT & SAT II exams T&B Master teachers have taken

(1995 -Present)

Average number of practice exams

T&B students take before the real test


Points gained by students after completing T&B SAT Prep last year


Perfect Score 1600 (Super Scored)   - - -   9%

Above 1500   - - -   57%

Above 1400   - - -   70%

Above 1300   - - -   92%

SAT I average

score growth

after summer


1st exam average - - - 1120 out of 1600

Exit exam average - - - 1450 out of 1600

What Can T&B Do For You?

At T&B you get the best of everything. Our teachers are, without exception, highly experienced professionals with strong educational backgrounds. They are alumni of schools including Yale, Harvard, Williams, and MIT. Not only do they have strong academic records of success, but they are also intimately familiar with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in standardized testing and the college admissions process.


In addition to having the best instructors, our students also have access to the best materials available. Our carefully curated curriculum mirrors real tests and ensures that our students know exactly what sort of questions they will see on test day. Indeed, with our same-day diagnostic test results, students will be able to constantly track their progress and analyze their weaknesses. Even when students do not have time for full diagnostic tests, parents of T&B students can track progress through student progress reports that outline each student’s performance in class.


Of course, in the end, the result is what counts, and T&B provides the educational consulting to ensure that our students not only succeed on tests, but also succeed in reaching their educational goals. Students and parents can keep abreast of important information about college admissions processes and trends through our informational seminars. Additionally, our College Admissions Consulting Program makes certain that students understand their educational options, set appropriate goals for higher education, and achieve those goals. In the past, our students have gained admission to all Ivy League schools, top international schools, and other top universities around the country.

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